Do you want to learn about mechatronic systems, the future in robotics, automation and environmental technology?

Due to the interdisciplinary training and the ever-increasing demand from the business sector, you will have excellent job opportunities in mechatronics. Even better are the prospects for the future in robotics, medical, energy and environmental technology, which are in a permanent upward development, which cannot be realized without mechatronics.
In this cross-border program you will learn to program PLC-systems, to connect industrial electrical components, motors and operating systems to a functional unit. Apart from this, you will get knowledge and skills in technical maintenance and repair works of mechanical systems, performing electronic diagnostic and breakdown services and you will be able to perform preventive maintenance on pneumatic and electric-pneumatic plants in operation. Moreover, you will possess a profound knowledge of the effects of electrical energy in manageable technical processes.

The program will be for free, will take place in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, and Lithuania (10 weeks in each country) and you will have accommodation and food expenses covered outside your own country. 

We want to create a diverse class and will admit students from a range of backgrounds. If you have an interest in robotics, mechanics or technology, this will be perfect for you. In total, we will admit 20 students from the partnering countries. 

Submission of applications is open now and the program will start in Hässleholm, Sweden on the 15th of January. 

You'll be part of a great learning journey, work with real clients and develop your own solutions.
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